10 Naples-Style Margherita Pizzas Quiz: The Results


The Trianon, of Naples, Italy

This past Thursday, Fork in the Road put up a pizza quiz in which we offered photos of 10 margherita pies, all of them claiming to represent, in some way or another, the true pizza of Naples. Two of the pizzas were actually from Naples, and all of the others were from Brooklyn or Manhattan, except for one that came from San Francisco.

The quiz was certainly a tough one, since certain of the pizza parlors don’t always produce a visually consistent product, while others were relatively obscure. Nevertheless, one participant (designated only as #10 on Google Docs, filling out the form on Thursday at 3:08 p.m.) guessed an amazing eight out of 10 right, and would have had a perfect score if not for mixing up the pies from Da Michele and Trianon, both authentic pies from Naples. You know who you are, #10, and we salute you!

Really, the pies look pretty similar, and general recognition was relatively low. The most recognized pie came from Co. (29 percent of respondents got it right) and Donatella (once again, 29 percent). The least recognized pies came from Barboncino, Saraghina, and Trianon (all 6 percent). This from a total of 17 respondents. Thanks all of you for participating.

In case you want to sample any of these pies, here are links for the ones in the city still open:


The identification of the pizzas follows