OWS Marches Against Police Brutality


Following last week’s Occupy Wall Street action that brought the movement back into the streets and the news, protesters marched against police brutality from Zuccotti Park to Union Square today. As with last week the Voice‘s Nick Pinto is out in the streets following the activity. You can read his real-time account on Twitter. Following a quieter winter, the march is seeing a resurgence, that will further be marked by the extensive actions planned for May 1. Detective Rick Lee told Nick today: “it’s going to be a very long summer.”

Occupy spokesperson Kanene Holder, who had left the march told Runnin’ Scared that the protest is calling for the resignation of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and drawing attention to injustices brought about by police departments around the nation. Though the issue has been the focus of the media’s attention this week with the Trayvon Martin case, Holder explained that Occupy is not co-opting that story.

“It’s what we’ve been saying from the very start,” she said. “Is that this system does not serve the people. It doesn’t even serve the Constitution. It serves the rich and the powerful.”

While the march started out relatively calm, Nick tells us the second half became increasingly marked by confrontation. In one instance, cops manhandled a reportedly minor girl, ripping up her shirt.

“It came under the same kind of heavy hand as usual,” Occupy organizer Andrew Smith said.

Smith cited 10 arrests between Zuccotti and Union Square. As of 3:33 p.m. DCPI does not have numbers.

Update: 5:03 p.m.
C.S. Muncy snapped images of the arrest of the girl mentioned above.


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