Year of the Takeout Day 83: One Stop Natural’s Hunan Dumplings


One Stop Natural

Happy Saturday, Year of the Takeout readers!

Today, we bring you One Stop Natural’s Hunan dumplings.

With this entry, we also bring you a pic snapped with Photo Booth, which we apologize for, but our camera is MIA and probably under a pile of laundry or takeout menus. (Oy!)

Anyway, items from this company can be found both at indie groceries and chains throughout New York City, and represent a wide range of Asian-inspired foods.

Some of the dishes are better than others, but the Hunan dumplings seem to be a pretty solid vegetarian pick, even though there’s nothing particularly Hunan about them.

In fact, dumplings from the province prepped for Western palates often come pork-filled and with a side of peanut sauce.

One Stop’s soft pouches contain plentiful bok choy, baby cabbage, carrot, mushrooms seasoned with garlic, cilantro, and parsley, and you can get a two-serving container for about five bucks, depending on the grocery.

A squirt of sriracha greatly enhances these flavors — more so than simple soy or dumpling sauce.

Just know that the noodle wrappers can feel a bit chewy at times.