Cuban Singer Lubricates Herself In Hotel Bathrooms


Cuban spitfire Margarita Pracatan entertained the crowd of 32-year-old gays at the Laurie Beechman on Friday with her wacky wisdoms and zany song stylings, directed by Zach Udko.

At one point, the malapropic marvel revealed that when she leaves the house for some fun, she doesn’t want to come back till late at night.

So she relies on hotel bathrooms to do her business.

“I’m talking about nice hotels,” she related.

“Not in Bronx. Or Brooklyn. Or Staten Island.

“In Ma-hattan!

“Starbucks is no good because the [toilet] paper is too rough.

“But in a hotel, you go in, you do number one or number two, and nobody bother you.

“And you lubricate this,” she added, delicately pointing to her nether regions, “with the moisturizer.

“And you fix your makeup.

“And you leave all lubricated and sexy and gorgeous.

“Lubricated and ready for ack-shun!”

Makes sense to me.

And after all that, you should probably hang around the lobby bar and look for someone to share your lubricated nether regions with.

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