Rats (Still) Invade New York


And now for an item about rats’ imminent takeover of New York.

Undeterred by the wild coyotes roaming parts of Harlem and Central Park, rats have moved beyond their old hangouts — the city’s subways, playgrounds and car parties — and have become very comfortable in Upper Manhattan, which now boasts the highest infestation rate in the borough.

A recent Department of Mental Health and Hygiene report, according to DNAinfo, notes that rats got spotted at 306 out of 2,616 inspection sites in the area — putting its infestation rate at a whopping 11.6 percent (which is actually a 4 percent decrease from the previous year.) The Lower East Side comes in second at 11.4 percent.

There seems to be a bit of disagreement about how to best handle the situation.

More from DNAinfo:

“The teeming rat population in Upper Manhattan spurred Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer to call on the city to better fund its rat-fighting program last year, as it moved to cut 63 inspectors from the DOH’s rolls in early 2011.

But Mayor Michael Bloomberg dismissed the concerns, saying ‘the city is doing a great job’ combating the pests.”

Unclear how the city will wind up addressing this.

As Runnin’ Scared has mentioned in the past, there is one solution, but it probably won’t be very palatable for pols considering re-election.

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