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The 10 Most Ridiculous Things Old White Politicos Have Said About Vaginas


Everything from insisting that abortions cause breast cancer to wanting to tax abortions (even for rape victims) to not knowing how birth control even works.

(Rush Limbaugh is the one responsible for that last gaffe. Thanks for the laffe, Rush!).

And who can forget Rick Santorum‘s assertion that emotional problems result from women being on the front lines, or the claims from one of Santorum’s big donors that “the gals used to put aspirin between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly”?

Or the Virginia delegate who couldn’t even say vagina?

Priceless shit!

Who needs The Vagina Monologues when these cunning linguists will tell you all you need to know about misogyny, ignorance, and contempt with one fell swoop of the tongue?

The L Magazine has the whole list. Click from 1 to 10 and be amazed.

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