Bed Bugs: Are They Back?


This just in from the Daily News: a most troubling report suggests that the early onset of warm weather could prompt swarms of stink bugs — and other creepy crawlies — to invade America! (Invade!)

Of course, Runnin’ Scared wondered: What about bed bugs?

Indeed, past reports on bed bugs kinda makes the meteorology-infestation link. Also out today was info about bed bugs at an upstate children’s hospital.

But it might not be necessary to worry about these wily arthropods quite yet.

Jeffrey White, a research entomologist at BedBug Central, tells Runnin’ Scared that weather-related worry would be rooted in speculation.

For some seasonal bugs, such as termites, warmer temps could “absolutely” make them come out early. Whether their presence will be more intense for the whole season, though, is unclear.

What White has found with bed bugs, however, suggests that they have not become more problematic. He called various pest control agencies in the Northeast and asked them to compare the number of bed bug complaints in winter 2011 and 2012. The result?

“Most were still around the same point where they were last winter,” he says.

So yes: We might not have to do battle with bed bugs this spring. Which means we can save our fightin’ energy for summer — when all pests come out of their filthy, diseased lairs.

“July, August, and September are typically the worst three months,” he says.

Runnin’ Scared also reached out to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. We’ll update when we hear back. But you can always check out this nifty web guide to learn more about the pests.

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