Bread Pudding at Grandaisy Bakery


Creamy and fine-textured — the bread pudding at Grandaisy Bakery

Bread pudding wears a halo. It’s one of the few pastries cakes baked goods based on recycling, which represents a fine fate for a stale loaf of bread.

Fork in the Road’s favorite bread pudding is found at Grandaisy Bakery. The product is so dense with butter, eggs, and cream that it’s almost impossible to finish the entire wedge. There might be a touch of rum in there, too, which cuts the sweetness. Perfect baking has imparted a wonderful range of yellows and browns to the exterior.

Enjoy it inside at the small tables or outside on the bench at the original location of Grandaisy Bakery on Sullivan Street, which was once Sullivan Street Bakery. The place is on its last legs as a retail store, about to be replaced by a more recent Soho location.

Until then, it’s one of the best and more relaxed places for breakfast around.

Grandaisy Bakery
73 Sullivan Street

Eat your bread pudding outside on the sunny bench.