Conservative Teen Magazine Says Reagan May Have Been “Our First Black President”!


It’s here!

A new magazine for teens who don’t want to have sex, preferring to spend their time looking down on government help for the poor while reminiscing about Reagan.

Here are the articles:

“Why the Unborn Need Our Protection” (So true! Get them a subscription pronto!)

“Why Abstinence Works. How It Can Work for You” (Even if it probably didn’t work for the author.)

Glee: Songs, Sex, and Sleaze” (Yeah — put out by Fox!)

“Government Creates Poverty” (Well, no wonder the first issue is free.)

“The Hot Air & Cold Facts of Liberal Media Bias” (You mean truth?)

And the most amazing entry of all:

“Ronald Reagan: Our First Black President?”

You heard me.

Claims the article:

“Ronald Reagan was a far better friend to black Americans than Obama has been.”

Interesting — though the author might have a slight bias. He’s Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan!

Anyway, check out this magazine immediately. It might become an even bigger camp classic than Glee!

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