Frozen Kefir? Treat Petite Will Peddle It in the West Village


Treat Petite Café will be located at 61 Grove Street.

You’d think the market was already totally glutted with frozen treats. Let’s see, we’ve got zillions of fro-yo parlors, peddling supposedly light and healthy frozen yogurt; old-fashioned ice cream places; vegan “ice cream” destinations; Tofutti and its imitators, whatever the hell it’s actually made of; places that sell newfangled popsicle-type thingees; frozen-custard concessions; Mister Softee trucks and their Big Gay Imitators; authentic Italian gelaterias up the wazoo; and New Orleans icee stores — though the sole purveyor of that substance disappeared mysteriously just as “winter” set in last year. Is there room for another frozen product?

Apparently so, because a storefront right at the corner of Seventh Avenue South and Grove Street in the West Village is threatening to sell frozen kefir. The place is called by the rather unfortunate name of Treat Petite Café, and will also dispense, rather predictably, espresso beverages, crepes, and waffles — enviously eyeing the Wafels & Dinges truck, which parks steps away at Seventh and Christopher.

So, for those of you who don’t know what kefir is: It’s a cultured dairy beverage like runny yogurt especially popular in the Balkans and Turkey. Like yogurt, it carries an aura of healthfulness, but then so does Tofutti, Pinkberry, Red Mango, and their ilk.

The signs in the window of Treat Petite promise all sweetening will be done with cane sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup — but that’s already pretty much of a given in high-end frozen products. The place also touts the “probiotic” nature of the cultures used in the kefir, and the humanely raised sources of the milk used. The “probiotic” claim is an old one; it must have originated in the days of patent medicine salesmen. Why do treats have to be healthy anyway?

When the place opens, Fork in the Road will be first in line to check it out.

Watch their Facebook page for the official opening date.