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Miss Universe Boots Transsexual! They Need To Change Their Rules!


Beauty pageants condone all sorts of surgeries.

In fact, sometimes they’ll even pay for them.

Remember when Miss USA footed the bill for Miss California’s breast implants?

But the Miss Universe pageant is strict about their contestants not having had sexual reassignment surgery, like Miss Universe Canada, Jenna Talackova, did.

They ickily specify that the contestants must be “naturally born female,” and though Jenna said she was on her registration form, she was actually born male.

(She says she knew at age four that she was female.)

The whole battle is dumb and boring because whatever the technicalities, the fact is that a transsexual is a woman, case closed.

Jenna is a woman and should be competing with other women.

That the pageant is still stuck in old prejudices like this one makes them even more obsolete than they already are.

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