The Nomad Is Open for Not-Quite-As-Fancy Dining


The Nomad, a follow-up restaurant to Eleven Madison Park created by Will Guidara and Daniel Humm, opened for business yesterday evening, according to Eater.

The new restaurant is located only a few blocks away from its predecessor in Midtown; Humm told The Feast (via Eater) that it will be more casual than Eleven Madison Park, and rather oddly compared it to the Rolling Stones. The Nomad’s à la carte menu seems more laid-back than EMP’s and looks really promising (especially its bone marrow dish with parsley, shallots, and anchovy). But it irritatingly contains a pricey “snacks” section, falling in line with the current trend of restaurants figuring out ways to charge a lot of money for minuscule appetizers. Check out the rest of the menu here.

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