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Aryeh Ralbag, Brooklyn Rabbi, Might Get Kicked Out of Amsterdam’s Orthodox Community


Aryeh Ralbag, the Brooklyn rabbi who also leads Amsterdam’s Jewish community, might soon get booted from his Netherlands position for recent comments on homosexuality.

Problems came to a crux for Ralbag, who has held the long-distance post for six years, in January, according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency.

At the time, Ralbag got suspended from his role in the Orthodox community for co-signing a declaration which described “homosexuality as a curable condition.”

Ralbag told reporters that he got death threats for the comments, and that he and his wife would be danger they returned to Europe, saying: “I have strong indications that my wife and I would not be sure of our lives if we came to the Netherlands now.”

Many have long felt unease with Ralbag’s tenure: He runs Triangle K, a New York-based kosher certification agency. Some in Amsterdam feel that this creates potential conflicts of interest — even though Ralbag agreed not to handle food certificates in the Netherlands.

Last week, one third of the Orthodox community’s board voted in favor of Ralbag’s ouster, which would take place at the end of his contract in June 2013, JTA reports.

Runnin’ Scared will continue to look into this story. We’ll keep you posted with any updates.


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