Gay Hotel Is Seeking A “Straight” Employee


The Out NYC Hotel is the gay hotel complex on West 42nd Street, attached to the gay club xl.

But they don’t want anyone too “gay” working the spa, it seems.

Various people just got an email from the place saying:

“We have a 5000sf foot ultra sexy and luxurious wellness center with 3 water falls, 2 hot tubs, a sauna, a hamam, a large gym, a spa deck and more.

“We are looking for a ‘straight’ good looking young man that probably is in school now or works retail or is working part time that would enjoy this fun job.

“Who ever finds this person gets a free membership to our amazingly sexy wellness center.”

Weird. Creepy. Some gay hotel complex!

Even if putting quote marks around “straight” implies that the person should simply appear to be hetero — whatever that means — I still want to spew some gay vomit.

Are their clients so self-loathing that they can’t deal with a gay towel boy who actually seems gay because he indeed is gay?

And are we still stuck on those antiquated ideas that there’s a “gay” way to act and a “straight” way to act?

End of blog. End of “quote marks.”

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