James Franco Picks Up Sailors In His New Film


The ever adventurous James Franco has written, directed, and starred in a real-life story in which he drinks, has sex with sailors, gets violent, and — here’s the real shock — has sex with a woman!

It’s his NYU thesis film, The Broken Tower, which will open at the IFC Center on April 27.

Jimmy plays American poet Hart Crane, who was as brilliant as John O’Hara and as self-destructive as Neely O’Hara.

Says the release:

“Crane’s life was one of excess.

“From late adolescence, Crane drank heavily. He spent a great deal of time in underworld sex picking up sailors in the harbors of New York, all the while trying to conceal his sexual identity from his parents.

“Towards the end of his life, his behavior grew increasingly violent and self-destructive. He was jailed on several occasions in New York, Paris, and Mexico.

“Near the end, he did have what seems to be his only heterosexual relationship with Peggy Cowley, the divorced wife of the critic and publisher, Malcolm Cowley.

“Crane committed suicide when he returned with Peggy Cowley from Mexico in 1932 by jumping off the deck of a ship. He was 32.”

Sounds way more intriguing than my own college thesis — a paper in which I mounted an imaginary production of Our Town.

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