John Brown Smokehouse: 5 Best Kinds of ‘Cue


Located in a working-class corner of Long Island City, John Brown Smokehouse has only been open since August 2011, but has quickly risen to be one of the city’s best barbecues.

John Brown Smokehouse is a quirky sort of barbecue joint, like Fette Sau prone to smoke a strange collection of meats. Which is fine, because several of them achieve greatness. The place is the subject of a longer Counter Culture review in the Voice this week, but here is a more concise look at the best the place has to offer, in reverse order of preference.

5. The chicken is miraculously moist and smoky, with the crusted skin less rubbery than that of most smoked chickens.

4. The pulled pork is better than what you’ll find at 90 percent of the barbecues in North Carolina.

3. The turkey is as smooth and tender as the face of a cherub.

2. The lamb sausage is an instant Queens barbecue classic.

1. But nothing beats the authentic Kansas City-style burnt brisket ends.

John Brown Smokehouse
25-08 37th Avenue
Long Island City, Queens

Read the entire review here.

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