Tim Tebow Sandwich: What Should It Really Look Like?


Two days ago, Fork in the Road put up a piece about the Jetbow sandwich at Carnegie Deli. It was a giant, collapsing mess held up by sticks, featuring an incongruous collection of deli meats. It made us wonder what a true Tebow sandwich would look like, encompassing the diverse history of the Heisman Trophy winner.

The elements of the perfect Tebow sandwich — click to expand.

1. We’ll use sliced Wonder Bread, since he’s so white bread. And really, what else is there?

2. He’s a devout Christian, so let’s make lamb the sandwich meat, since Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God.

3. Tebow went to school in Florida at the University of Florida, so let’s symbolize that with some orange-flavored mayo.

4. Timothy Richard Tebow was born August 14, 1987, in Makati, the Philippines, the son of Baptist missionaries. To symbolize this, let’s put some bitter melon in the sandwich, a favorite vegetable in Filipino cuisine.

5. He played for the Denver Broncos, so let’s include a layer of Denver omelet.

Assemble these five elements and you have a perfect Tebow sandwich.