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How Outraged Are You That Former Cop Michael Pena Wasn’t Convicted Of Rape?


Former New York City police officer Michael Pena yesterday beat a rape charge — which is the narrative playing out in the media that has New Yorkers outraged. But it’s slightly misleading.

As we explained yesterday, Pena still was convicted of three of the top offenses against him — each of which is a more serious crime than rape, and could potentially land him in the clink for the next 75 years to life.

Pena was convicted of three counts of predatory sexual assault, class A-II felonies. Rape is a class B violent felony.

See our post explaining how Pena hardly “beat the rap” here.

However, given the rather crass legal definitions of each crime Pena was charged with — and some suspect jurors — it is rather outrageous that the jury couldn’t reach a guilty verdict on the rape charge.

As we mentioned, despite the jury deadlocking on the rape charge, Pena’s still headed to the joint for a long time — he potentially won’t even see a parole board until he’s more than 100 years old.

We want to know what you think, though: given the lengthy sentence Pena is likely to face, are you still outraged he wasn’t convicted of rape?

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