Minimalist Instant Seder Available at Citarella


Passover begins next Friday evening at sundown, and Citarella is offering the above seder plate for the time-strapped observant.

Priced at $14.99 — which seems a little steep given the minute quantities of foodstuffs; however, you get to keep the plastic keepsake plate.

The plate provides niches for the six elements of the ceremonial meal (bitter herbs, horseradish, charoset, other vegetable, shank bone, and boiled egg). It’s up to you to provide the saltwater (symbolizing tears) and the matzos. Feminists sometimes add orange segments.

The seder service is a ritual retelling of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. It is observed on the first (and sometimes the second, too) night of Passover.

424 Sixth Avenue