Streisand Impressionist Defends Babs’ Choice Of Gypsy


There’s been a lot of talk — mainly right here — about whether Barbra Streisand is the right choice to play the feisty Mama Rose in the new movie version of the classic musical Gypsy.

Well, I just heard from Steven Brinberg, who for years has done a letter-perfect Babs homage called Simply Barbra.

Says Steve:

“She’s recorded the soundtrack already!”

And he adds:

“Actually, I don’t think it’s so crazy that she wants to do this … yes FOLLIES or SUNSET or BALLROOM are more age appropriate but the studio wants a tried and true title, I’m sure.

“And Barbra at 70 looks no older than Roz Russell did at 55.

“If you look at old films, women in their 30’s so heavily made up looked like they were in their 50’s … likewise the period in which GYPSY is set …

“Back then, Helen Hayes and Beulah Bondi at 40 looked 70.

“Today, 70 is Barbra, Jane Fonda, Goldie (almost).”


Oh, and by the way, Jane Fonda is in talks to play Nancy Reagan. Discuss again.

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