“Subway Slayer” Case: Victim Caused Fight To Fall To Tracks, Court Docs Show


This morning, a source brought it our attention that the suspect in last week’s “subway slaying” case has been charged with a collection of misdemeanors in the death of 20-year-old Joshua Basin, not the felony murder — or even manslaughter — rap many had been hoping for.

Well, there may be a reason 33-year-old Ryan Beauchamp avoided any felony charges — it appears Basin is the one who moved the scuffle the two men were involved in (prior to his getting hit by a train) from the subway platform to the tracks.

The Kings County District Attorney’s Office declined comment when asked why Beauchamp wasn’t hit with more serious charges, but the DA provided us with a copy of the complaint, which shows that witnesses say Basin actually was the one who landed the two men on the subway tracks.

According to the complaint, witnesses told responding officers that they watched Beauchamp “poke” Basin in the chest while the two men were inside of a Brooklyn-bound “L” train about 10 p.m. Friday.

When the train came to a stop at the Bedford Avenue station, Beauchamp grabbed Basin by the back of his shirt and pull him out of the train
onto the subway platform. The two men then got into a fist fight, during which each man threw punches.

In the middle of the fist fight, Basin jumped on Beauchamp, causing the two men to fall onto the tracks. Beauchamp was able to get off the
tracks, but Basin wasn’t as lucky — he was hit by an oncoming train. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Bellevue Hospital.

Beauchamp now faces two counts of attempted third-degree assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct.

Based on the complaint, it still appears that Beauchamp (whose only prior conviction is for a violation of park rules for being in Central
Park after hours) started the fight that resulted in Basin’s death — and he’s only getting charged with misdemeanors.