The Shanty’s Sauvetage


The drink: Sauvetage

The bar: The Shanty (79 Richardson Street, 718-412-0874)

The price: $11

The ingredients: Dorothy Parker American Gin, Bittermens Amère Sauvage, Carpano Antica, grapefruit juice, orange twist

The buzz: It’s really no surprise that the gin cocktails at the Shanty, the bar attached to New York Distilling Company, known for its excellent gins, are some of the best in the city. The Sauvetage is made with the distillery’s Dorothy Parker American Gin, a light variety low on juniper and high on citrus and spice. The gin’s characteristics are played up with Carpano Antica and grapefruit juice, then the whole drink gets a slightly bitter, herbal twist with the addition of a liqueur made from gentian, an alpine flower popularly used to make European aperitifs. This bold, lively drink should be sipped slowly at the bar while you admire the distillery’s gleaming machinery.