New York

Shocking Photo Of Food At A Fashion Party!


No, it’s not a trick photo.

It hasn’t been digitized, Photoshopped, or wiped clean.

There ain’t no food.

This is the real Hunger Games.

I know that shouldn’t be all that shocking at a fashion soiree, but my experience has usually been that there’s lots of food — especially when you’re being asked to stay there for approximately four hours — and that everyone simply vomits afterward, except me.

But at this bash, stylist Robert Verdi and I noticed that the vittles were pretty scarce, and in fact, two waitservers were standing there holding out empty trays as if right out of a modern-day Seventh Avenue version of Wonderland.

It was so surreal, especially since they weren’t posing — they were simply standing there with the empty trays as if you were supposed to grab at the air on there, or maybe they were making some kind of profound statement.

I’m not sure what that statement was, but I made my own by hightailing it to the Village for a large Greek salad.

No more fashion bashes without eating like a pig first!

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