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What’s With All These “A” Ratings For Restaurants?


Ever since the Health Department began rating the sanitary quality of various eateries’ kitchens in 2010, I’ve been seeing “A” ratings in the most unlikely places.

I’m not talking about the above café, mind you, which looks perfectly fine.

But I’ve spotted the “A” in the window of unspeakably divey Chinese takeout joints, unconscionably cruddy-looking diners, icky-seeming sandwich hellholes, and devilishly crappy looking Mexican hovels.

It’s a shock to me when you don’t even want to step on the mat outside the entrance for fear that you’ll have to later be hosed down à la Karen Silkwood, but somehow the kitchen is so immaculate it got the top score!

Shouldn’t these restaurant owners be a little consistent about their sanitary habits?

Can’t they apply the same rigors they uphold in the kitchen to the whole dive, from top to bottom?

And shouldn’t the Health Department maybe factor in the overall cleanliness of the place, not just what happens around the actual food preparing?

I mean, do I really give a rat’s rear that the kitchen is clean when I have to put newspapers on the flea-bitten chair before I’ll even park my ass on it?

If the food is hot enough, the germs will disappear anyway — but my butt is way more vulnerable than my mouth.

Maybe this needs to turn into a restaurant beauty pageant, with different categories:

Kitchen, Mat, Chairs, Talent, and Swimwear!

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