Inner Circle Show To Leave No City Figure Free From Ridicule


Tonight marks this year’s “Inner Circle Show” — the annual event in which the city’s political press corps gets together to make light of the what they cover — and, according to Inner Circle Chairman Mark Lieberman, no one is safe. Lieberman, who talked with Runnin’ Scared on Friday explained that there will be commentary on Occupy Wall Street, the mayoral wannabes, the mayor’s kiss with Lady Gaga, Rick Santorum, Tim Tebow and Rush Limbaugh, who gets an Act 2 song called “Birth Control Killed The Radio Star.” “Nobody is immune from the parody,” Lieberman said. Even the title, “Preoccupied” pokes at two different groups. “It’s a double entendre,” Lieberman said. “It’s Occupy Wall Street, obviously, and also the fact that so many people in the Bloomberg admin may be preoccupied as to what they are doing when the mayor’s term ends.”

Plus, the mayor will show up for hijinks. Lest you forgot, he wore a Spider-Man-esque suit and 70s Mamma Mia!-style garb last year.

The qualification for membership in the Inner Circle is to cover government in the city for at least a year. Lieberman, the former president of the group, explained that the members have all endured press conferences and read press releases. What they do, he said, is describe “here’s what they’re saying officially and here’s what we think they really mean.” For more on the show, they have a promo video with some of the event’s history (and Giuliani in drag).


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