Teachers, Cop Nabbed In Separate DWI Cases


This weekend news broke of two separate incidents in which people who should be counseling against drunk driving were caught, well, driving drunk. The first, and arguably more outlandish case, happened on Friday night on East Fordham road and involved public school teachers Diana Mancusco, 29, and Karen Aguilar, 26. After finding that both women were drunk, cops searched the car and found a small amount of cocaine and a dagger. Mancusco and Aguilar were charged with drunk driving and drug and weapon possession. They both work at the Entrada Academy in the Bronx.

According to the New York Post, the two women were originally spotted when Mancusco putting her fingers down her throat and vomiting:

The special-ed teacher at the Entrada Academy, a school for sixth- and seventh-graders, confessed that she was too drunk to drive, so her friend, Karen Aguilar, 26, volunteered to get behind the wheel — except that she, too, looked impaired, the cops said.

DCPI told Runnin’ Scared that police spotted Mancusco and Aguilar — whose car was parked — acting suspiciously after having pulled over another vehicle.

Meanwhile, DNAinfo reports that NYPD officer Raymond Dimaria, 35, was arrested and slapped with drunk driving charges after getting into an accident early Saturday morning on Second Avenue. He was off-duty at the time, however, he has since been suspended.

As the Daily News notes in their story on Mancusco and Aguilar, this is only one in a string of incidents this year involving educators behaving poorly: at least 14 other teachers, aides and substitutes have been arrested. Gothamist, while blogging about Dimaria, lists off a series of cops arrested for drinking.

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