Year of the Takeout Day 90 (UPDATE)


Teriyaki “Chow Mein”

So, the expert team at Year of the Takeout is sick again — in fact, we woke up a few minutes ago just to write for you and sip ginger ale (which is delicious and grandmotherly). While we made a valiant attempt, ain’t no way we’re stringing together any sensible sentences about Chinese food when we’ve got throat glands the size of mutton eggs. So check back tomorrow for a full report on this teriyaki “chow mein” and tomorrow’s edition. (Hint: This noodle dish is a lot better than it looks and is def worth a shot.)

UPDATE: So, here is what I ate — what appears to be run-of-the-mill college ramen, packaged perplexingly as “chow mein.” Look!

Unlike the cheapo noodles of university years, though, these almost tasted like an inexpensive version of cold noodles with sesame sauce. Really, they are not bad considering their overprocessed, microwaved origin.

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