Adam Sandler Turd Sweeps The Razzie Awards


It’s beyond The Artist.

The Adam Sandler starrer Jack and Jill — in which he played both a guy and his annoying twin sister — has won every single category in the Razzie race, designed to honor the year’s rottenest non-achievements du cinema.

It’s bagged all 10 awards, topping the eight once nabbed by the crashing Lindsay Lohan vehicle I Know Who Killed My Career, I mean I Know Who Killed Me.

It won:

Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor (Al Pacino), Supporting Actress (David Spade), Ensemble, Director (Dennis Dugan, who also was honored for Just Go With It), Screenplay, Screen Couple, and Prequel, Remake, Rip-off, or Sequel.

But let’s be fair.

Sandler and Spade are men, so they shouldn’t be eligible for Actress.

The director did two stinkers, so it’s only half an award for Jack and Jill.

And though the Razzies consider the movie to be a rip-off of Glen or Glenda, that sounds like as much of a stretch as an angora sweater on Adam Sandler.

But I don’t want to rain on this shit parade.

Congrats to Jack & Jill for being so across-the-board awful!

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