Do You Believe For A Second That Congressional Candidate Matt Doheny Wasn’t Making Out With Campaign Consultant?


As we told you last week, Congressional candidate Matt Doheny’s found himself smack-dab in the middle of what appears to be yet another New York political sex scandal.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but Doheny says he didn’t do it.

The alleged incident happened last month during the National Republican Congressional Committee’s
Washington “candidate school” at a Bobby Van’s, a popular D.C.

It’s alleged — with photo evidence — that Doheny (who’s currently engaged) was sucking face with GOP campaign consultant Monica Notzon.

As we noted last week — based on photos of the alleged makeout sesh, first obtained by Gawker — if Doheny and Notzon weren’t making out, he must have been searching for leftover bits of steak…in her mouth…with his tongue.

There’s also a fairly damning video of Doheny and Notzon canoodling with another, unidentified dame.

See the photos and video here.

We really tried to give Doheny the benefit of the doubt on this one — we spoke with his campaign, emailed the blogger who first published the photos, and spent a good chunk of Thursday afternoon staring at the images from different angles, hoping something vindicating would catch our eye. But nothing did — and we can’t come up with any logical explanation for the photo other than Doheny and Notzon were making out.

We want to know what you think, though: do you believe for even a second that Doheny wasn’t making out with the campaign consultant?

Cast your vote below.