Dollar Slice-Pizza War in Midtown


Two pizza parlors on Sixth Avenue in Midtown are battling over who can sell the cheapest slice of pizza on the strip, according to The New York Times.

The fight’s two contenders are a family-run joint, Bombay/6 Ave. Pizza, and 2 Bros. Pizza, a branch of a citywide chain. The Times reports that on March 22, the owners of the pizza places psyched each other out until they were both selling pizza for 75 cents a slice, arguably an unsustainable price. Yet, for the moment, neither owner is willing to increase the price of his pizza, because that would mean losing to the competition. (Someone should really tell them that they are both losing — a lot of money.) This is great news, though, for all you dollar-slice fans out there. Except, of course, if when the well runs dry, the owners start scrimping on sauce and cheese.