William Bratton, Former NYPD Commissioner, Gets Free Parking; Exclusive NY Post Jokes Ensue


The Post reports this morning on William Bratton, a former NYPD commissioner who apparently has a permit that lets him park anywhere in the city. For free!

So what’s up? Bratton was spotted Wednesday parking his Lexus SUV in a “no standing zone” for an hour, and is said to have had a permit “for official use only…emblazoned with two NYPD shields and expires Feb. 1, 2013.” Government officials have since told the paper these placards are only supposed to be “for official use” which would disqualify someone like Bratton, who no longer works for the City. Some NYPD top brass counter that “former police commissioners are entitled to placards.”

Runnin’ Scared reached out to the NYPD for clarification. The tabloid, true to Post form, has already called Bratton both a “fishy commishy” and a “perk jerk.” Of course, the Post‘s arsenal of jeux de mots is never ending. Some predictions for the paper’s follow-up?

In no particular order…

–Permit nitwit

–Parking peabrain

–Improper copper

–Benefit bonehead (or benefit boob)

–Car crony

–Meter moron

–Dimwit driver

Can you think of any others? Let us know in the comments below!

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