Anna Chapman, Failed/Sexy Russian Spy, Is Back (Kind Of)


Anna Chapman, the failed/sexy Russian spy, almost seduced a member of Barack Obama’s cabinet! So says the Post, the Daily News, Huffpo, and almost every other media outlet covering the recent news.

But breaking developments suggest that this might not be true.

Citing federal officials, ABC’s reporters claim: “A female Russian agent got ‘close enough’ to a sitting U.S. cabinet member that the FBI felt they had to swoop in and arrest the lot — but it wasn’t the famous femme fatale Anna Chapman.”

So what’s up?

Apparently, Frank Figliuzzi, head of counterintelligence for the FBI, discussed this issue in an interview with the BBC but never named the Russian agent in question.” Still, the network “ran images of Chapman — as well as shots of a look-a-like — during the interview. Instead, officials at the Department of Justice told ABC News Figliuzzi was referring to another of the arrested spies, Cynthia Murphy.”

Cynthia who?

Of course, some conservative media have their own interpretation of events: “Were Russians About To Catch Hillary In Lesbian Honey Trap?”

Runnin’ Scared will try to figure out what’s up. Check back for updates.


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