Bully Is Loved By Everyone–Except One Gay Magazine


I haven’t been invited to see Lee Hirsch‘s Bully — the new documentary about anti-gay bullying among the young — a fact that reeks of an absurdity unrivaled since I wasn’t invited to the Wigstock movie, for Chrissake!

But I will surely see it, as has every other critic in America.

And they praised it, generally finding the film moving, disturbing, and important.

Ninety-three percent of them gave it a thumbs-up — but I’m here to inform you that the local gay mag Next, which many gays turn to for cultural tips, begs to differ.

That mag’s Dan Heching claims that only 20 of the film’s 90 minutes are truly worthwhile.

He calls Bully “well-meaning” but explains:

“The documentary’s effectiveness is limited by its tendency to tug on heartstrings with little else to offer.

“For better or worse, the grieving and pain Hirsch depicts gravely overshadows the matter at hand at the expense of exploring possible causes or ways to curb it.

Bully never once pursues the bullies themselves to hear why they do what they do.”

You can now expect some film company bully to call me screaming.

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