Frankie Valli Had A Problem With Jersey Boys


As you know, Jersey Boys is the Tony-winning smash about the creation and success of the 1960s vocal group the Four Seasons.

Well, you’d assume it would be all kudos and champagne for the original Four Seasons, who got a burst of renewed interest and lovin’ ever since the show debuted in 2005.

But lead singer Frankie Valli had his reservations.

As showbiz guy Fred Weintraub relates in his new memoir, he had lunch with Valli after seeing Jersey Boys and gushed about how good it was.

But Frankie looked troubled.

“What the matter?” asked Weintraub.

“It really wasn’t fair, Fred,” he said, pained. “Did you hear all the applause the guy playing me got?”

He was jealous of the fake version of himself!

“Frankie,” assured Weintraub, “he’s only imitating you. Didn’t you notice? When the original footage of you was shown at the end, the applause was thundering.”

“Yeah. … You’re right,” said Valli, giving in. (Big boys don’t cry.)

“And now you’re going to be remembered forever,” added Weintraub.

Valli smiled.

And John Lloyd Young won the Tony.

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