IHOP Bacon Smell Is Driving Some East Village Residents Crazy


Living near the IHOP on East 14th Street is not a good idea if you don’t want your apartment to constantly reek of bacon grease. At least that’s what the residents who live near the diner and have been writing to EV Grieve have been saying. One resident of a building behind the IHOP wrote this in an email sent to the website: “Several days will go by without much of a problem, and then the stench will begin again. Sometimes, like this morning, it will just be for an hour or two, but then there will be a couple of days when it is just never-ending. Right now, it’s a low-level stale smell. My neighbors and I have repeatedly contacted CB6, the DEP, Rosie Mendez’s office, you name it — IHOP is still stinking up the neighborhood. Please, please don’t go to IHOP.”

EV Grieve has been documenting these complaints since last fall, but apparently IHOP has made no effort to rein in its bacon fumes, even though the director of operations of the franchise that owns that IHOP, Ed Scabbaoueci, told The Local East Village via e-mail that the company had hired an engineering firm to look into the ventilation problem. Some residents are expecting the situation to get worse come summer when they are forced to open their windows because of the heat.

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