Marie Antoinette Was In Love With A Woman!


And that’s dramatized in a marvy new movie called Farewell, My Queen, starring Diane Kruger as Marie Antoinette and Virginie Ledoyen as the object of her royal affections, the Duchess Gabrielle de Polignac.

In the film (which will open in July just in time for Bastille Day), Marie Antoinette gushes over the Duchess, oozes over her, trembles at the thought of her name, and begs her not to desert her.

It’s basically Ellen and Portia, but even higher-class.

And it’s “a folly that will cost her dearly,” according to one character.

And that’s not all!

Marie Antoinette carries on a chaster flirtation with her young reader, Sidonie (Lea Seydoux, from Midnight in Paris), who in turn is smitten with her boss.

Says director Benoît Jacquot:

“Sidonie is literally madly in love with the queen!

“I was really interested in the child-like infatuation she had for Marie Antoinette, as well as the more ‘perverse’ relationship between the Queen and the Duchess of Polignac.

“The love triangle electrifies the film.”

The Marie Antoinette/Sidonie interplay, Benoît says, “is less obviously sexual than the relationshp between the Queen and Polignac.

“Except the Queen herself maintains a sexual ambiguity with Sidonie.

“She enthuses over her chubby arms and rubs her to soothe a mosquito bite.

“Like a wild creature, Marie Antoinette loves everything carnal.”

My kind of queen!

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