Video of My Susan Lucci Speech!


I was so full of gratitude at the “You Like Me!” show consisting of performers re-creating famously effusive awards acceptance speeches over at Ars Nova.

I was mainly grateful that in doing the 1999 speech Susan Lucci gave after copping the Emmy on her 19th try, I remembered every single word without having to resort to cheat sheets or embarrassing shrieks of “Line!”

And why not? Lord knows I’d rehearsed this thing almost as much as Lucci herself did.

And so, I managed to tearfully get through all the thanking of the audience, the parents, the kids, the husband, the teachers, the head writer, the cast mates, and the fans!

And in order!

Anyway, above is the video.

Oh yeah, I’m grateful for the video, too!

And to Michael Schulman and Rachel Shukert for creating the show and Peter James Cook for directing it.

Oh, by the way, here’s Lucci’s actual speech so you can compare and contrast. If I added a word or whimper here and there, sue me!

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