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Drill, baby, drill. Hydraulic fracturing, known on the streets as “hydrofracking,” involves the explosion of rock layers by an extremely pressurized liquid to expose new, deeper natural-gas supplies. It is extremely popular among the Big Energy posse, but the practice has sparked quite the controversy after documentaries such as Gasland graphically showcased the nearby dangers it can inflict on communities. In The Perils and Promise of Fracking, this environmental argument will be assessed and evaluated by everyone involved in the process, including representatives from the drilling industry, the media, and the regulating agencies. The talk, hosted by the journalistic think tank ProPublica, will allow the audience to hear answers from both sides of the aisle to hydrofracking questions that the environmental community has raised about the practice’s benefits, necessity, and implications for the future. It is also guaranteed that you will hear the term “hydrofrack” more than a thousand times.

Mon., April 9, 6:30 p.m., 2012