Jason Biggs Full Frontal! Mark Ruffalo Not Well Endowed!


It’s a big day for genital gossip, all thanks to HuffPo!

First of all, Jason Biggs told the site that he’s full frontal in American Reunion, which I feel is good since we need to finally see just what he’s whacking in these films.

Biggs adds that they purposely did a wide shot so viewers could see hs face and realize the privates were definitely his.

That still wouldn’t rule out a prosthetic, but Biggs says he absolutely didn’t use one.

And we’ll soon see if Jason is indeed biggs.

But someone who by his own admission isn’t is Mark Ruffalo, who told the same site that wearing the motion-capture suit for The Avengers was weird, especially since it’s not that flattering and “I’m not well endowed.”

Heck, neither is Columbia University, but I was still delighted to go there.

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