MTA Disputes Claims Of Disgruntled Gay Employee Allegedly Called “Cupcake”


The MTA vehemently denies allegations made by a disgruntled gay former employee who claims his co-workers shouted “kill them faggots dead” at him while shuttling people to and from last year’s Gay Pride Parade. When he complained to his supervisor, Reginald Jenkins claims he was called “cupcake.”

Since our previous story on Jenkins’ alleged ordeal — and the $1.5 million he’s seeking in damages from the MTA — MTA spokeswoman Marjorie Anders got back to us to give us MTA’s side of the story.

Click here to see Jenkins’ account of what happened on June 26, of last
year. In short, he claims co-workers made several offensive remarks
about gay people. Jenkins, a “proud gay man,” was so offended that he
became “physically ill” from the stress it caused and was hospitalized
that same day. He then says he was inexplicably fired when he wanted the
MTA higher-ups to investigate the incident.

For starters, Anders tells the Voice, Jenkins wasn’t even an actual MTA
employee when he was fired, he was a “probationary employee” working as a
car cleaner — and according to Anders, he wasn’t a very good one.

She says two performance evaluations — one in February of 2011 and one
in March of 2011 — showed him as doing poor work, not adhering to
safety compliances, having a bad attitude, being slow, and failing to
complete assignments — for example, he refused to clean up coffee,
which, as a car “cleaner,” was one of his responsibilities.

“We don’t hire you and wait to see if you’ll be a bad employee,” Anders
says, which is why the MTA has a “probationary employee” program — to see
what type of worker a person will be before hiring them outright.

Additionally, on the day of the Gay Pride Parade — when Jenkins claims
he was so offended by his co-workers that he needed to be hospitalized
— he went “AWOL” in the middle of his shift. Jenkins claims he went to
the hospital. Anders says if he did, he didn’t tell his supervisor. She
says she doesn’t know where he went, and the MTA has seen nothing
proving that he was actually in the hospital.

Anders also says it wasn’t until several days after the alleged
“cupcake” incident that Jenkins mentioned to anyone at the MTA that he
was stressed about what he claims happened the day of the gay pride

Jenkins’ says that after complaining to his supervisors, he was fired for
“unspecified reasons.” He believes he was canned for being gay and
trying to
stand up for himself in the workplace.  Anders says the reasons were
pretty specific: he was a horrible “probationary employee.”

Anders says the MTA denies that employees made any of the comments
Jenkins claims they did — about killing “fags,” cupcakes, etc.

There you have it, folks — both sides of what has all the makings of a good ol’ fashioned legal shit show.

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