RuPaul And I As Children!


Back in another decade, before any drag races were on TV, we’d perform them every night in the clubs for each other’s limitless delectation.

“Everybody say ‘love,'” RuPaul would exclaim, and I’d gamely obey, while grabbing her slender waistline for a glamorous pose like the one above.

Then we’d sashay/shantay to a whole other photo op, but not until Ru would sagely warn me:

“Don’t write checks that your ass can’t cash!”

Ah, the glory days.

And by the way, thanks to Ru’s feathery headdresses nearly poking my eyes out from time to time, I wore dark glasses through the entire 1980s and ’90s.

As a result?

Everybody say blind!

PS: Here’s Ru’s original Drag U — an impromptu club course on how to handle a photo op, captured by videographer Nelson Sullivan. See which scene stars you can spot — and try to find me at my most shockingly modest-looking.

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