‘Sound Noir: A Tribute to New York’ w/ Maurice Fulton+Jacques Renault


Expatriate Maurice Fulton has made electro-punk chaos with his wife, Mu; released near-classic quirky house on IDM label Warp; produced straightforward tracks for diva Crystal Waters; and filtered Chicago jack through Finnish jazz on his Syclops releases for DFA. As part of Runaway, Jacques Renault has made his own housey contributions to the latter label (and to Rekids), meanwhile channeling solo edits to Wurst and Italians Do It Better. DJ Qu is part of the stable bringing glory to Connecticut’s Underground Quality. With Helping Hands (Andrey Radovoski and A. Arias), J Red, Lenny Posso, Atomly, Felipe Q, JD and Mike Minogue.

Sat., April 7, 10 p.m., 2012

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