The 10 Most Unrealistic Sex Scenes In Movie History


Sunfiltered at has compiled a list of the 10 movie sex scenes that got it extremely wrong (though some of them are a tiny bit hot despite themselves).

The linked photo starts with the number 10 choice (From Here to Eternity, in which two major stars carried on like beached whales).

I’ll give you a hint as to some of the heavily hormonal yet inappropriate finalists:

Britney Spears pretending to be a virgin.

Breaking Dawn‘s 100-plus-year-old vampire consummating with the Missus while awkwardly holding onto the headboard.

Charlie Sheen and gal pal insanely doing it while driving. (And yes, it was in a fictional movie, not a documentary.)

Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez having an erotic quickie in a restaurant restroom, above. (Been there.)

And, oh, what the hell, I’ll tell you the number one choice so you can prematurely orgasm:

Tom Cruise and Kelly Preston doing it upright in Jerry Maguire.

Hmm. What do those two have in common?

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