Food and Fashion Don’t Quite Go Together


There’s more to the Internet than food blogs (except this one, of course). If you only read recipes and ogled food porn, you’d miss out on fantastic videos like the ones from MVPleez — their newest opus to ramps, starring Harold Dieterle and Jimmy Bradley, is one to waste a few minutes on. And how could you miss the crazy food and fashion mashups that people came up with this week?

For example: these pants. Posted a few days ago by Perez Hilton, these pants resemble the popular harem style worn by yogis and Soho residents. But sit down cross-legged and they double as a table. Would you picnic with these Pic Nic pants?

They say you can feast with your eyes. But what about putting the feast onto your eyes? It looks like Burger King has done just that in its recent ad, brought to our attention by BuzzFeed. Although we at Fork in the Road have a column devoted to Burgers at Random … this is just, well, random.