Good News, Brooklyn Stoners: DA Offers Get Out Of Jail Free Card For Marijuana Possession Arrests


Stoners, rejoice: if you currently have a warrant for your arrest after you failed to show up to court to answer for that pesky possession of marijuana charge, you’re in luck — Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes says if you turn yourself in this Friday, the charges will be dropped.

Additionally, if you’re currently wanted for certain other “crimes,” if you have a minute to swing by a Brooklyn church on Friday, your charges also will be dropped.

We spoke with Hynes’ spokeswoman Sandy Silverstein this afternoon to
make sure this wasn’t a joke — or a trick to get people to turn
themselves in to law enforcement. She assured us that anyone wanted for
any of the crimes listed will have the charges dropped if they do the
right thing and turn themselves in.

The crimes included in the DA’s relief-from-prosecution program include unlawful
possession of marijuana, consumption of alcohol in public, littering,
riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, trespassing, loitering, disorderly
conduct, unlawful possession of alcohol under the age of 21, unlawful
possession of handcuffs, making unreasonable noise, animal nuisance,
failure to have a dog license, unleashed dog, spitting, unlawfully in a
park after hours, and failure to comply with posted signs in park.

So, if you’re currently a fugitive for any of the aforementioned crimes
— and your charges are in Brooklyn — just go to the Mount Pisgah
Baptist Church at 212 Tompkins Avenue on Friday between 9 a.m. and 3
p.m. and get those charges swept under the rug.