My Critics Think I’m “Disgusting”!


I learned that by Googling myself — as I do every three minutes — and coming across my page on Philosopedia.org.

It starts off really nice, mind you:

“He dishes the dirt and minces no words. His use of circle endings, double entendres, catty sense of humor, and witty in-jokes brings laughter out of the young, most of the middle-aged, and many of the older.

“‘His outlook is refreshingly logical, his syntax is a marvel, and his influence primarily in gay circles is monumental’, remarked one of his Greenwich Village regular readers.”

How lovely! I’d be blushing if my face weren’t already pink from a light spanking I just had.

But here comes the bad part:

“His critics, however, find him fey, outrageous, always in bad taste, and often disgusting.”

Say whaaaa???

First of all, “often disgusting”? How very dare you! I’m always disgusting!

Secondly, considering the fact that my critics are generally gay-haters, clueless rivals, and people on Fox News, I’m deeply honored that they find me to be in terrible taste.

So, thank you, Philosopedia. This ended up being a pretty delightful summation of what I bring to the gay table, not to mention a Google search that really left me moist.

Oops, I’m being disgusting again.

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