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Whitney Had a Third Nostril!


As with so many longtime cocaine users, Whitney Houston had a perforation in her nose as a result of the coke literally burning through her.

It basically created a third (internal) nostril, burrowing through her flesh due to constant intake.

At least we know she wasn’t lying when she said she wished she’d done crack because it was cheaper.

Whitney was addicted to the good stuff.

And there was white powder found around the place — though one expert says the amount of coke in her body wasn’t a lethal amount.

Perhaps true, but they also found Xanax, pot, Flexeril, and Benadryl in her blood — a lot of downers in that mix — so the combination was obviously too much for her heart to take, especially when lying in a tub.

She ended up with scalding burns from the hot water.

And everyone who was around her keeps talking about how terrific her life was and how wonderful they were as her mentors.

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