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If Your DNA Is On File With The State, Don’t Rape People!


Here’s a tip: if you’re a convicted felon whose DNA is on file with the state, you probably want to do your best to avoid raping people — considering law enforcement’s firm grasp of DNA technology, and all. Here’s some more free advice: if you’re a convicted felon whose DNA is on file with the state and you do rape someone, don’t leave your (ahem) swimmers on a floor mat in the rape-ee’s apartment!

Enter convicted felon/alleged sex offender Ronald Baker, who the Queens District Attorney’s Office says sexually assaulted a 66-year-old woman during a robbery back in February. He was arrested yesterday after, as we mentioned, authorities found some of his baby batter on a floor mat in the victim’s Queens home.

  Even Queens District Attorney Richard Brown seems to recognize that this guy’s an idiot.

“Although a wanted poster sketch was circulated in the days following
the alleged assault, the defendant was apprehended when his own body
betrayed him and police were allegedly able to link his DNA to evidence
found at the crime scene,” Brown says.

According to authorities, Baker followed the victim into her apartment
building on February 27. Once in the building, he pulled out a knife and
pushed her into her apartment.

Baker, authorities say, then demanded the woman’s money and jewelry. He
said he’d kill her if she didn’t hand it over, which she did — she
allegedly gave Baker four bracelets, a silver necklace, and silver

Here’s the good news: Baker didn’t kill the victim after she complied with his
demands. Here’s the bad news: he allegedly sexually assaulted her — and, as we
mentioned, left some of his boys on a floor mat inside the apartment.
That DNA evidence was matched to DNA Baker turned over to the state,
which led to his arrest

A spokesman for the D.A.’s Office wouldn’t tell us what crime landed Baker
on the state’s DNA registry. However, according to the New York State
Department of Corrections’ website, Baker has prior convictions for both
robbery and attempted robbery.

If convicted, Baker faces 12 1/2 years to life in prison. He currently is awaiting arraignment.

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