Someone Turned Westchester Highway Into Pet Cemetery; 25 Bags Of Dead Animals Found On Side of Road


There was a pretty grisly scene on the side of a Westchester County highway yesterday morning when Department of Transportation workers found 25 bags full of dead animals dumped on the side of the road.

Westchester County Sheriff’s Office Detective David Whitney tells the Voice that of the remains recovered, eight were dogs, one was a lizard, and the rest were cats.

Whitney says the DOT workers found the bags of dead animals about 9:15
a.m. yesterday near the ramp to the Hutchinson River Parkway in
Harrison. The workers called the WCSO, which discovered a total of 36 dead animals
wrapped in 25 bags.

Whitney says it’s unclear who dumped the
animals, but after necropsies were performed on several of them,
it appears many of them were euthanized and then frozen.

Whitney says
it appears the euthanizations and freezing was done by a veterinarian, which is commonly the procedure when an animal is put down. The animals are frozen before they’re picked up by other agencies responsible for properly disposing of them. However, it costs money for these agencies to dispose of the animals, so ditching them on the side of a highway is a way for them to save a little cash — a theory Whitney says is entirely possible.

Whitney says detectives have several leads in the case, and continue to investigate.