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Whitney’s Sparkle Trailer Is Bittersweet, Says Author! Check it Out


Ever since the trailer for Sparkle — with Whitney Houston in her final film performance — was released, people have been oohing and ahing and intermittently loving it and clucking their tongues a lot.

Well, Mark Bego, who’s written a book called End of the Rainbow — I mean Whitney Houston! The Spectacular Rise and Tragic Fall of the Woman Whose Voice Inspired a Generation — certainly has an opinion on it.

Observes Bego:

“On one hand, the Sparkle trailer has made everyone anticipate the August 2012 release of the film even more.

“In some of the footage from the trailer, you can see beautiful flashes of the old Whitney Houston charm and energetic sparkle that made her famous.

“Yet there are also several moments where she appears tired, sounds raspy, and seems many years older than her young age of 48. It is truly a bittersweet experience to behold.”

Maybe, but the singing bit we hear from Whitney has her in much better voice than in some other recent outings — and even if you don’t agree, you have to admit they’ve got a blockbuster soundtrack on their hands, for a whole variety of reasons!

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